Why hire a copywriter?

A professional copywriter can help all aspects of your brand feel cohesive. When your brand has something to say, you have a specific audience you are talking to. By writing for that audience, your brand develops a voice. A copywriter allows your brand’s voice to stay consistent. Hiring a copywriter is also going to save you hundreds of hours of not having to learn the skill yourself. 

What kind of sales can you guarantee me?

A professional copywriter is not going to promise you a certain amount of sales or a top ranking in search engines. A copywriter can do well researched key words that will drive your website ranking up and help increase traffic to your website.

What can I expect when working with you?

To start things, we will need to schedule a free discovery call. The discovery call will allow me to learn more about you and your project so I can develop a strategic plan for you. Approximately a week after the call, I will send you a project proposal of the services you will need based on our call. Once the project proposal is accepted, a contract will be sent to you that outlines expectations and payment deadlines.

Once the contract is signed, 50% of the total project cost is due. The other 50% is due when the first draft of the work is delivered.

How can you drive more traffic to my website?

Optimizing SEO is the main component of driving more traffic to a website. That can be done through proper keywords, writing great headlines, having engaging blog content, creating free content that is helpful to your audience, etc. We can help you with all of these services!

How can you reduce my bounce rate?

One service we can provide to help reduce bounce rates is write engaging content for your website. Plus, we can write that content to make it more readable to more people. 

How can you increase my conversion rates?

Writing persuasive sales copy is one way to help increase conversion rates. We can also analyze your site to determine if your site navigation is user-friendly for your visitors.

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