Happy dog illustration
Happy dog illustration

The day is sunny and the sky is blue. You are smiling and whistling a little tune as you walk along. Completely relaxed, you are enjoying your surroundings as you breathe in the fresh air.

It’s easy to see if someone is having a good day and they are happy. But what about your dog? Do you know if they are having a good day? If you pay attention to your favorite pooch, you can tell when they are happy.

  1. They Smile. This one is easy to see. If your dog is looking at you with a big smile, you know they are happy.
  2. They Cuddle Up with You at Night. A happy dog will want your company and will want to be close to you as they sleep.
  3. They are Excited to See You. All those butt wiggles and dancing around when you come through the door: of course they are happy!
  4. They Want to Play. If they bring you their favorite toy and drop it in your lap, they are inviting you to play with them. Then there is the “play bow” to let you know they are ready for some fun. A happy dog wants to play!
  5. Their Tail is High in the Air and Wagging. A happy dog will hold their tail high and wag it side to side. A dog that is anxious or unhappy will have a low or tucked tail, with no visible wag.
  6. They Like Giving You Sloppy Kisses. The sloppy kiss is a sure way to know your pup is happy!
  7. She is Always Leaning into You. Happy dogs have a lot of body contact. If they lean into your legs or hand, they are definitely happy!
  8. They are Excited to Go for a Walk or a Ride. A happy dog is always up for an adventure, whether that is in the form of a long walk or a car ride to a new location.
  9. They want a Belly Rub. Showing their belly is the ultimate sign of trust for a dog so, if they ask for a belly rub, they feel happy and safe.
  10. He has a Healthy Appetite. Most dogs have good appetites, so if they aren’t eating normally, they may be unhappy or they don’t feel good. If your pup had a bad day, their appetite might be off because they just don’t feel like eating. But, if their appetite continues to be abnormal, have them checked out by a veterinarian right away.

This list isn’t complete, so your dog might have other ways to show how happy they are. My dogs love to sing and talk when they are happy. Or, they want to be in the kitchen when I am cooking. Your dog probably has their own way of showing how happy they are. As you get to know your pup, you’ll recognize when they are happy and all the little signs they give to let you know!